About Us

We heard the voice of lamentation from sneakerheads. Sneakerheads no longer need household cleaning products or harsh chemical contained solutions to clean their beloved kicks. With our Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner, cleaning and pampering your precious sneakers without damaging them is just a piece of cake!

Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner is passionate in assisting you to rule your life in style. Your satisfaction in reaching out to your desired lifestyle is our core mission.

Why we are different?

We are not just a company selling shoe cleaning product, we are a team dedicated and committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibilities. Our Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner is a 97% natural biodegradable cleaning solution that helps you to take care of your sneakers whilst not impacting the environment. It is your choice to contribute to the wellbeing of our only earth.

Be a part of us now, clean and take care of your sneakers with this effective but also eco-friendly Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner.